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PONN, a place to find cultural happenings and fun. Together, we create joy!stions or concerns regarding privacy on our Website, please send us a detailed message at [email protected]. We will make every effort to resolve your concerns.

Some words from founders:
Ponn brings you all your cultural interests, funny and positive happening around you and around the World. Because of the Corona-crises, we are all having even more stressful days. We wanted to create a POsitive News Network to help people to remind better days are yet to come. However, we immediately realized that all the buzz, notifications, overloaded unnecessary information, and polarization on other social media, make us even more stressful. We are afraid that existing social media reducing society's health by creating addiction and stress. Therefore we create PONN for you now, and alternative place with cultural and fun.
So, we can concentrate on our daily life and all the challenges of real life, when we are not on social media.

Our mission is to bring fun and culture to your life every single day, without all the notifications, buzz and polarization. We think that your data and privacy belong to you, and only you! Ponn provides quality culture happenings, and fun for USERS; that we can together support CONTENT CREATORS to create even more content for you. ADVERTISER and SPONSOR can reach you by supporting our artists and we can pay our taxes to enrich OUR SOCIETIES. That we all function better in a happier and less stressful society.

Our vision is to entertain, bring culture and fun to people around the globe through the power of songs, opera, storytelling, short movies, stand-ups, positive happenings. Shortly, by everything you can see and hear! We believe that culture backbone is a happy society.

PONN team 2020.